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Very short, and the music isn't exactly brilliant, but the idea is sound enough, just doesn't really appeal to me.

GamekrazzyProduction responds:

I can't really add much to a pinball concept without starting to make it boring and such... And I suppose I can't do much for you about the song as that completely matters on taste.


You have made a masterpiece.

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Phobotech responds:

I have made a trailer.

...Also, I made your 46x46 icon, and it still looks good. lol


I laughed so hard, I managed to fall of my chair. well done.

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The music is okay for the first minute, but then the repetition gets annoying. There are too many lives, and the menu itself is overly simplistic. The gameplay does exactly what it should do, but the idea before that isn't brilliant.

Too improve, I suggest using a far smoother sound, as the synth of the current music can get very annoying. Also, I don't think you should be able to highlight the text, as that seems to detract from the presentation. Also, if in the tutorial you had a graphical representation of what the gameplay should look like, it would go a long way in helping. If you fail one level you should not be allowed to continue to the next, and finally, the actual movement of the bars would be made significantly better if you moved the bottom bar with the left and right keys, and the right with the up and down keys. A nice addition would be bars at the top and left, each about half the size of the screen for a more hectic pace.

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casMn responds:

Thank you for your detailed review and suggestions. Version 2.0 will have the improvements :)

Very simplistic

The music is a good choice for looping, but the stage isn't properly alligned, the gameplay is incredibly simplistic, and can get boring very quickly. The idea works though, so you get points for that.

There is nothing there...

Only a black screen.

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Very good.

Made me think of a cyber-rave.

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As with all Doctor Who emotional pieces, this is brilliant, but you take it just that little bit further. Truly excellent. You deserve a place on the show itself, since they have essentially upheaved the old way, with new writers, doctor (as always), companion, theme tune, and opening sequence, with a harsher (it seems so at least to me) doctor. And still through all of this, were so many things could have gone wrong, it all just works perfectly.

Quite good

Much better than most DnB songs I hear. Mainly because I can actually listen to this, and it doesn't give me a headache.

Anyway, onto your scoring

Non headachyness - 5
Recuring theme - 2
My opinion of you - 3

(Yes, I make the scores up on the spot.)

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